Services for the Medical sector

Among our most notable achievements for this sector is the A.D.A.M. Illustrated Medical Encyclopedia translation, if not the greatest and most important, which was recognized and awarded all over the world. Specialized publishers in medical literature and multinationals dedicated to manufacturing equipment for the sector are also among our customers. Check it out at the end of the page.

A.D.A.M. Translation – The largest illustrated medical encyclopedia in the world

The much awarded A.D.A.M. Illustrated Medical Encyclopedia, with 3,600 topics and thousands of rich colored illustrations. 27,000 pages were translated in 90 days.

Within its broad scope it covers from medical procedure step-by-steps, symptoms lists, warnings, conditions, exams and results, surgeries and disease prevention and treatment, in a very elaborated and accessible language, which facilitates the comprehension of the complex subjects discussed.

It still contains 3,900 published medical articles, complemented by more than 4.000 colored illustrations of excellent quality, highlighting the step-by-step of the most common treatments.

Supplementary or alternative medicine

Reaching beyond traditional medicine, A.D.A.M. also shows authorized references of supplementary and alternative medicine. This is probably the only source that provides a combination of traditional medicine treatments with alternative medicine, based on duly corroborated scientific evidence.

This valuable resource covers:

More than 170 infirmities;
Phytotherapeutic supplements – a complete analysis of more than 120 of the most recommended herbs and supplements;
Medicinal Products – more than 650 prescription summaries;
Treatment options – traditional and alternative treatment options;
Information on drug interactions and their possible side effects.

Technical Translations for Editora Manole

Publisher dedicated almost exclusively to the medical area and health sciences in general. We translated thousands of pages among the several titles entrusted to us by this publisher’s highly demanding quality control, who stands out in Brazil’s medical editorial market.

Medicine and Health Sciences today

Medicine has been undergoing a revolution never seen throughout its history, both due to the intensification of research in all related sectors and the population’s interest in caring for their health, mainly motivated by digital media that has been disclosing an immense amount of information, just one click away.

The population is growingly involved with health maintenance practices and the adoption of healthy habits, becoming more critical and demanding with the food industry, the responsibility of regulation and inspecting agencies, and especially with medicine itself.

Medical doctors today deal with more questioning patients, better informed ones. The doctor/patient relationship has undergone quite positive modifications. The modern doctor is much more self-demanding now that he is privileged to have in his patient an active collaborator to achieve his goals of combating illnesses and obtaining health optimization.

Supplementary and alternative medicine also have been gaining ground, becoming growingly recognized and adopted by traditional medicine. Health maintenance and illness prevention increasingly brings well-being and quality of life. Longevity with quality of life.

Due to all this innovation, this has been one of the sectors to most require translations at international level.


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