Commitment to the Customer - All Tasks

Commitment to the Customer

Sustain the All Tasks Trademark as a synonym of the market’s best translation services

Our focus is exceeding market’s expectation for translation services. We seek to ensure efficient communication between our customers and their target audience in the countries where they intend to operate.

A multilingual and multifunction translation company

We provide a great diversity of multilingual translation services, employing a skilled and motivated staff to provide quality and fast technical translation services, certified translations, software and website localization, video subtitling, movie dubbing, simultaneous interpretation, consecutive translation, transcreation, multilingual digital media and anything required by the market in regard to multilingual communication to meet globalization demands.

The basis for our success

We conduct our production process assisted by the support of methodologies developed during our 38 years of experience, in strict observance of international regulations on translation services, in addition to:

Efficient management;
Skilled and motivated staff;
Database, library and technical terminology consultants;
Variety of memory generating and project management software;
State of the art technology, including VPN, Cloud System and XTM;
Several CAT tools, which comprise the human translation support technology;
Global presence;
Quality informative campaigns and good media interface;
Social Responsibility ensuring sustainability in the customer’s supply chain.


Sustain our contribution to the multilingual services industry, helping to create and disseminate good practices for this much requested economic sector by an ever broader and dynamic globalization, whether at academic or corporative levels.

Ensure quality in customer service and in the services provided;
Preserve integrity and ethics and maintain harmony among teams;
Encourage creativity and innovation in all work fronts;
Create career plans that bring challenges and motivation to all;
Permanently invest in staff training;
Maintain constant communication with specialized media, with universities and with technology centers, uniting efforts and sharing knowledge;
Always dedicate every necessary care to All Tasks trademark to ensure it increasingly inspires reliability and respect.