Global Presence

Global Presence

Scalable offices spur the staging and expansion of service centers around the world

We have set up offices in multiple cities in several other countries. This is a resource that meets globalization requirements very well, and especially translation companies that export their services.

When may the translation service intended for exportation be developed in São Paulo, SP?

Translation of large-scale projects, even when hired by foreign companies with no branches in Brazil, may very well be developed and managed directly in our São Paulo-SP main office. This is due to the competent structure of the technology we hold and always maintain up-to-date. Freelance translator teams based abroad may also be selected, trained and monitored directly from São Paulo, given the support we obtain from all this technology, including VPN, Cloud system and XTM, as well as a great diversity of CAT tools.

When are offices outside Brazil required?

The documentation centers from the hirer abroad often feel safer by dealing personally with management interfaces, or even with the technical terminology consultants or “language leaders”. Facilitating dialog and using the customer’s cooperation to the fullest may become the major distinction in the final result in terms of project quality. Thus we adopt the practice of never wasting this opportunity, especially today when scalable offices are everywhere.

Does monitoring or performing translation services abroad also require setting up a local office?

If the staff is very large and has been fully recruited in the same city, ideally the project managers should also be present in this same location. Physical presence is a very important component for a new team’s training phase, even when experienced translators are included among its members.

It is in the initial phase that translators and reviewers most need to interact among themselves and with management team. Having everyone’s participation in developing glossaries, style manuals and definition of methods to work around the specific characteristics that require special attention is as important to the team as it is to the final quality desired.