Infrastructure - All Tasks


Technology supporting excellence in the translation projects

Infrastructure including the most advanced technology, unique procedures and methods: constant team training, state-of-the-art hardware and software, information security systems (including VPN technology).

All Tasks has the largest and most complete infrastructure in Latin America dedicated to translation and localization of software and websites, thus ensuring effectiveness of its processes and resulting in high levels of productivity, while adhering to the highest quality standards.

To maintain its leading position in the translation market, the company keeps up-to-date with the latest definitions involving efficiency gains in methods, processes and technology that are being launched in the international multilingual services scenario, continually testing and implementing the best options.

As holder and guardian of the main intellectual capital dedicated to its market of operation in the country, the company ensures its team is kept up-to-date, through constant investments in training.

Ongoing investment in equipment and state-of-the-art software is another prerogative of the company.


IT department’s mission is to ensure that all departments of the company keep abreast of the best alternatives available on the market.

Networking in production area enables files traffic and sharing, so that work can be integrated among several translators, proofreaders and editors in a single project, using translation memories and the tools necessary for their management. All stages in the process are monitored using one of the modules of our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), which enables real-time, step-by-step monitoring of the project execution, and produces performance evaluation reports.

Daily backups of each project are filed, together with performance evaluation reports generated by Quality Control.


An appropriate infrastructure to provide support at the team qualification level is essential for achieving the company’s quality targets.

Structured data and voice network
Constant updating of the technological park
High speed internet
Redundancy of key equipment (servers and Internet access)


With focus and analysis for the implementation of latest developments, our IT department performs:

Constant software updating
Broadening of CMS (Content Management System) Resources
Team training, in light of new developments
Updating of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): an information system that provides greater integration and fluidity for the company’s management process.

Translation tools

Translation tools are essential for good performance of translation work, and are the professional’s true ally. Unlike machine translation, translation memories helps to improve the work of human translators, but the professional’s intellectual abilities are still of utmost importance.

Translation memories store texts during the translation process, creating a database which is constantly updated, and facilitating the standardization of the final text in terms of writing style and use of technical terminology. These translation memories can make use of sentences that have been translated before, avoiding repetition of translation and enabling significant cost reductions.


Our position as market leader and our partnerships with Universities have made us something of a magnet for best professionals working in the market.

All Tasks ensures the involvement of its employees through short courses, workshops, skills updating programs and the use of specific motivational methods for each department, promoting awareness that quality is the fruit of joint efforts, which are then fed back into the company, strengthening the team spirit and enabling it to reach the proposed goals.


All our translators undergo training using our internal methodology, qualifying them to work individually or as part of a team. This same process also gives them skills in the use of CAT (Computer-Aided Translation), localization and project management tools.