Quality Translation Services

Quality Translation Services

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance policy reflects the rigorous standards required by the multilingual services sector at worldwide level. Guided by this premise, our strategy is based on:

Defining methodologies and processes that generate efficiency gains and result in client satisfaction, for all sectors of the company;

Executing an administration that meets the expectations generated by the team and market;
Maintaining a Professional team, trained to be self-motivating and innovative;
Guaranteeing continual investments on improving technical training of the team;
Encouraging creativity, guiding the establishment of goals;
Orienting processes by parameters established in international technical standards;
Keeping hardware and software technology up-to-date, in line with international standards;
Stimulating a continual exchange of experiences with the corporate world.

Quality Control

Analysis of final product adaptation levels, based on desired standards. Due to general markets profile, the success of this stage, within the short space of time available, depends on a well-elaborated quality assurance policy, guiding the activity in all sectors in line with individual performance goals. It is in this stage that we are able to quickly measure the organization’s performance overall effectiveness, but efforts begin long before this point.

Quality control processes occur almost in parallel with translation, due to the need to meet delivery deadlines, which are often very tight. This is a characteristic of this market at international level, which despite being almost a contradiction, due to the peculiarly intellectual nature of the activity, is unlikely to move towards a more ideal situation due to the urgent demands for information in this new globalized world.


The following flowchart represents our production process for every translation project we work on.

Once we have the details and files of your particular project, we can explain specifically what are the necessary methods and processes.