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Tips To The Translation Buyer

Translation agency vs. translation company

Choose your translation provider carefully: there are thousands of translation agencies, but very few translation companies. Telling them apart is important. Especially if your demand is large, our advice is to choose the latter, in which the process is more complete. A translation company’s differential is that it invests more in methods, processes, technology, team qualification, constant acquisitions and superior knowledge management.

The Challenges of working as a

All tasks has always sought to structure itself as a translation company, focusing on a market that realizes the growing importance of multilingual communication within the communication processes, assuring that translation services fulfill their role of becoming important elements of connection. Our main goal is to meet multilingual communication needs among the corporate and academic worlds, among markets and countries, building bridges that shorten the distances between the idiomatic and cultural diversities.

Complexities that differ a translation company from a translation agency

Read the text below and see how easy it is for the translation service buyer to realize its added value and analyze other important factors besides price.

If we consider how recent are the Internet and the great impulse it brought to the demand for internationalization and globalization, we may be surprised with the speed and pressures under which the translation activity concepts had to be amplified, redefined and standardized. The strong growth of demand for translation services also required mobilization from universities – in the sense of broadening the curricular programs of its graduation and post-grad courses –, a new attitude from translators and other specialized professionals in any kind of multilingual service, and especially from translation companies or multilingual service providers of any kind.

More than simply act as an agent of a translation service to a team of freelancers, the translation company is dedicated to maintain good organization and flow charts, a team focused on recruiting, selecting, training, updating, equipping and motivating a team of freelance translators that works completely monitored by a team of project managers, reviewers, quality inspectors, technical terminology consultants, and glossary and style manual developers. It should also be very well administered within the perspective a very burdensome tax legislation we here have for our sector, in order to avoid future problems for its customers.

The translation company model implemented by All Tasks

We are a company that for a long time has been investing, for example, in knowledge management and that currently counts on an Intranet system to better manage and provide accumulated intellectual capital. Our methods and process manuals generated for almost three decades have their 600 pages constantly updated, producing flow charts that simplify the comprehension and immediate application of their definitions.

Our management has always been focused on that innovation capable of bringing solutions to globalization challenges, which become even larger due to the lack of standardization between its definition and the growing demand spawned by globalization.

Reflecting 38 years of experience with this profile, our methodology defines the qualitative importance of the translation services we offer, demonstrating its effectiveness while taking us to the leadership, in levels of productivity and acceptance throughout Latin America.