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Our History

Since it was founded, in 1976, All Tasks has operated on the market with a focus on innovation in multilingual services, meeting its client’s expectations, who realized early on the challenges of globalization. Large corporations identify, in our profile, the potential necessary to support them, as they seek to strengthen their businesses in the technological development and expanding globalization scenario that has taken place in recent decades.

At the end of the 1980s, All Tasks became a market leader for translations throughout Latin America, a position which it still holds, and which has enabled it to expand in search for new markets in Europe and the United States.

Our operation, strengthened by our solid proposals, combined with the technical ability of our team, enables us to satisfactorily serve more than 3000 clients in various industries.

Pioneers in the software and website localization area in the country, our initial foray into this industry was with the services provided for IBM’s Software Division in 1991, and since then we have imported the best technology available, maintaining high levels of efficiency demanded by the market.

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Only 1% of the translation companies all over the world have been in the market for over 30 years. We have been in this market for 36 years, which makes us one of the most traditional companies in the world. Our company is also included in the 4% translation industry counting on over 50 employees worldwide.


Our focus is to meet and surprise our clients’ expectations, helping major companies of innumerous areas to cross the barriers imposed by tremendous diversity of languages in this globalized world.

The methodology developed by the company in the past 36 years to guarantee your success.


All Tasks is a company focused on a market that understands the importance of multilingual communication in the globalization processes, making translation an essential element to ensure that mutual interests are accessible to all. Our main goal is to meet the need to integrate companies, markets and countries, creating bridges that can shorten distances between different cultures and languages.

Our management is focused on innovation, capable of bringing solutions to a market that is not only new, but demanding and challenging, and for which the standardization of methods and processes are not fully defined at a global level yet.

Reflecting on the experience acquired over the last 30 years, our methodology defines the importance of the quality we offer, showing efficiency and placing us in the leading position, in terms of productivity and acceptance throughout Latin America.

Quality Assurance

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International level quality standards, constant team training and motivation supported by high technology, online production monitoring, extensive technical terminology databases.