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Success Cases


600 thousand pages translated to this important economy sector in just 6 years. Standardization of all technical terminology used by the industry in national territory, service centers in customers’ facilities to support the development of technical proposals and the first software localizations for dozens of languages in record deadlines.  LEARN MORE


All Tasks translated a total of 100,000 pages or 14 million words for the site HOTELS.COM, counting just Portuguese and Spanish. What we in fact did was a Website Localization Service, since we performed much research and submitted quite important cultural adaptations to the texts. As is appropriate in any localization, our IT department also actively participated in the entire process. LEARN MORE


We worked for Embraer virtually since All Tasks opened its doors, 37 years ago. We also have attended Boeing, Lan Chile, Gol, Avibras, TAM, Singapore Airlines, ITA, AEL, Equipaer and Aeromot. At the time we found in Embraer one of the largest Translation Departments we had ever seen. Although we only performed small jobs, the great benefit from the partnership was obtaining copies of the technical terminology glossaries developed by them in several languages. LEARN MORE


We have provided technical translations in more than 20 languages for large multinational automotive manufacturers, including cars, utility vehicles, trucks, buses, motorcycles and tractors. Our partnership with companies from this important economy sector was so intense we even “created” technical literature for major trademarks, such as Volkswagen and Mitsubishi.


All Tasks has been closely following this sector’s development, helping their customers in technical literature translation, and providing interpreters to support the training for very long periods. See at the end of page the customers attended, most of them in large projects. LEARN MORE


While providing services for the pharmaceutical industry’s top companies, we have witnessed the sector’s evolution during the last decades. Counting on consistent terminology bases, technical terminology consultants and expert translators, we have been successful in meeting our customer’s expectations. LEARN MORE

National Security

When the Brazilian Army bought war tanks from a German company, the Technical Literature publisher Mix Logistic entrusted the translation of thousands of pages to All Tasks, who in addition to translating technical manuals also trained the interpreters who assisted the training provided to Brazilian military. LEARN MORE

Ads & Marketing

In the digital age, Marketing and Advertising deal with electronic media and acquire completely different contours, where the production of content gains ground and raises great expectations in regard to the quality of the messages transmitted. Under the light of globalization, the dimensions of these new challenges are multiplied by the cultural pluralities and the great diversity of languages. LEARN MORE

Ports Sector

The large-scale technical literature translation we carried out for the maritime platforms of Verolme shipbuilders will always remain as a significant part of our memory of gratifying accomplishments. Only those who have had the privilege to climb aboard can say. Having the opportunity of performing technical translation services, for any of the several aspects focused by the technical literature produced for them, is also as challenging as it is satisfying and enriching. LEARN MORE


Among our most notable achievements for this sector is the A.D.A.M. Illustrated Medical Encyclopedia translation, if not the greatest and most important, which was recognized and awarded all over the world. Specialized publishers in medical literature and multinationals dedicated to manufacturing equipment for the sector are also among our customers. LEARN MORE

Information Technology

Pioneers in software and website localization in Brazil, we count on a specialized IT team to support the entire company, focusing on CAT tools and especially on website and software localization. We managed to localize a software to 24 languages in just 30 days. LEARN MORE


All tasks has had the opportunity to provide translation services for the largest consulting and auditing companies operating in Brazil, particularly when managing merger or acquisition processes. A great demand for translation services from these sectors also comes up when dealing with supplying the management systems of corporations that operate globally. The information created and used by branches in several countries are required to adopt a single language, usually English. LEARN MORE