Aerospace Translation Services

Services for the Aerospace and Civil Aviation Sector

We worked for Embraer virtually since All Tasks opened its doors, 37 years ago. We also have attended Boeing, Lan Chile, Gol, Avibras, TAM, Singapore Airlines, ITA, AEL, Equipaer and Aeromot.

Technical Translation services for Embraer and the benefits from this partnership for All Tasks

At the time we found in Embraer one of the largest Translation Departments we had ever seen. Although we only performed small jobs, the great benefit from the partnership was obtaining copies of the technical terminology glossaries developed by them in several languages.

At a time when the only technical terminology dictionary available in the country was for metallurgy, from English to Portuguese, and very rare others could be found in other countries, these glossaries were really precious. Aircraft manufacturing involves mechanics, electrics, electronics, safety norms on all kinds of procedures related to supplier development, procurement and use of parts and components, automation systems, high complexity welding, special paint jobs, foundry with very specific alloys, and an infinity of other technologies.

Thus, we used Embraer’s glossaries as the basis for translations of many technical areas. They were very well prepared and still today are part of our library.


TAM, a Gol, a Singapore Airlines, o ITA, a Avibras, a Boeing, a Lan Chile, Aeromot, AEL, EADS e a Equipaer.