Financial Translation Services

Technical translation for the Accounting/Financial sector

All tasks has had the opportunity to provide translation services for the largest consulting and auditing companies operating in Brazil, particularly when managing merger or acquisition processes. A great demand for translation services from these sectors also comes up when dealing with supplying the management systems of corporations that operate globally. The information created and used by branches in several countries are required to adopt a single language, usually English (Amanda – RGB Comunicação)

Translation services to support merger and acquisition processes

Consulting and auditing companies are mandatory interfaces in large-sized companies’ merger and acquisition processes. Involved in the first preparation of the basis for negotiation developments, they play important roles, preparing briefs, reports and situation and perspectives demonstrations, assessing risks and the best way to manage them. They take an active part in the negotiations as facilitators for the involved parties and they support the conclusion of the process as a whole, also dealing with the indication of contract attorneys, those who are truly responsible for the satisfactory conclusion of the works carried out.

Complex auditing processes for the most different work fronts in a very large variety of sectors and cases are the specialty of these so well prepared and renowned companies.

Providing translation services to these kinds of operations requires specialization and skills to deal with emergencies, where the focus in quality needs to be thoroughly sustained. One deals with numbers and texts that represent data resulting from delicate types of information and explanations of very important commitments and decisions.

Large companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG e Deloitte have employed our services in cases like these.

Translation Services for ERP implementation

Another great demand rises from large corporations that, following global trends, adopt standardized accounting/financial control systems for all its branches installed in several countries. They thus become operational in alignment with the entire company’s administration core.

Many kinds of ERP systems are dealt with here, such as the case of its most sophisticated example, the SAP system, which in most situations generates information from the company’s many sectors and not only Accounting/Financial.

Since the information administered is generated at a global level, it is very common to adopt the English language as a standard, which generates large volumes of translations.


Orcansa, Probus e Prolink, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Deloitte, Ford Componentes, Nestlé