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Technical translations for the Tourism Sector, given their larger volume of texts intended to be published in websites, are thus almost completely related to Localization Services.

Localization for the Online Hotel Reservation Website –

All Tasks translated a total of 100,000 pages or 14 million words for the site HOTELS.COM, counting just Portuguese and Spanish. What we in fact did was a Website Localization Service, since we performed much research and submitted quite important cultural adaptations to the texts. As is appropriate in any localization, our IT department also actively participated in the entire process.

We consider this one of the most detailed works we have ever carried out. The result is already available online. We helped make into the best online reservations website. We highly recommend its use.

It is also worth mentioning that we have made significant corrections to the preexisting translation memories, and collaborated actively in content optimization in general.

See below the companies to whom we have provided services

Embratur Website Localization

Translations of this important site’s technical texts contents were hired by Embratur from Le Pera Communications, who subcontracted All Tasks to translate and localize the site.

Le Pera and All Tasks teams interacted with efficiency, bringing very positive results to the final product.


B2W Viagens, Floph Hoteis, Gemma Viagens, Interpac Travel, Tour Marina Viagens e Ultra Viagens.